Adult Stationary Appetizers

Baked Chicken Wings with Sweet Honey BBQ accompanied with Carrots, Celery & Blue Cheese

Dim Sum Display
Steamed Vegetable & Chicken Shu Mai with Cashew Peanut Hoisin Sauce
in Authentic Bamboo Steamers

Sesame Crusted Seared Ahi Tuna set atop a Cucumber Disc topped with a Wasabi Crème Fraiche

California & Vegetable Sushi Roll with Fresh Ginger, Wasabi & Soy Sauces

Peking Duck Wraps with Scallion & Hoisin

Kid’s Stationary Appetizers

Mini Brick Oven Pizza

Pigs in a Blanket accompanied with Spicy Mustard

Seasoned Mozzarella Sticks with Marinara Sauce

Kids Dinner Buffet Presentation

Infinity’s Caesar Salad topped with Fresh Baked Croutons & Grated Parmesan Cheese tossed in a Creamy Caesar Dressing

Seasoned Chicken Tenders accompanied with Ketchup & Honey Mustard

Penne Pasta topped with a Creamy Alfredo & Basil Marinara Sauces

Seasoned Waffle Fries accompanied with Ketchup

Mini Silver Dollar Hamburgers accompanied with Cheese, Pickles, Ketchup & Mustard

Dessert Presentation

Vanilla Chocolate Chip Theme Bat Mitzvah Cake

Fresh Fruit Display with Mixed Berries of the Season

Gourmet Cookie Dots & Double Fudge Brownies

Infinity’s Sundae Bar
Vanilla & Chocolate Ice Cream accompanied with Oreo, M& M’s, Rainbow & Chocolate Jimmies, Bananas, Crushed Cherries, Hot Fudge & Butterscotch Toppings