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“Anything it takes to make the customer happy”, is a common phrase spoken around the office by Infinity Caterers co-owner, Fred Morganstein. It has been his primary philosophy since he opened the doors of Infinity Caterers, Inc. over 14 years ago.

With 25 years of experience in the restaurant and catering industries, Fred has certainly learned what it takes to make his customers happy. After graduating from the Pennsylvania State University School of Hotel and Institutional Management, he began managing a popular suburban Philadelphia deli. He was a staple there, with the staff and customers always looking forward to what creative idea he would come up with next.

Looking for more, after 5 years Fred left the restaurant business to try his hand in the world of upscale catering. He worked as second in command in a high end catering business where he learned the art of delivering great food and amazing service. Here, Fred was able to fine tune his ability to “make the customer happy” while learning the ropes of the catering industry. His clients were always thrilled with his services but Fred found himself wanting to execute his own ideas and concepts.

In 1996 Fred created Infinity Caterers and put the great ideas, swirling around in his mind to the test. Creative new dishes, gorgeous presentations, a staff that left nothing to chance, and a desire to delight, Fred hit the streets with his new company. The reception was overwhelming. Providing a new higher end corporate experience and detail oriented private catering know-how, Infinity Catering filled a niche for many that did not exist.

14 years later, Fred and his partner/executive chef Nick still pride themselves on the thrill of making the customer happy. Fred delights in spending time his wife and two children, but his other love; the catering business gives him tremendous gratification each and every day.


Nicholas Tellie is the Chef/Owner of Infinity Caterers located in Philadelphia. Since taking over as Executive Chef, Nick has made the menu his own by introducing fresh, modern, and contemporary styles to his cuisine. He has been employed by several very prestigious and award winning chefs throughout the city.

Nick studied at The Restaurant School of Philadelphia, where he fine tuned his culinary skills. Prior to this, he received his Bachelors Degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from The University of Scranton. He has proven over and over again that a quality event is created by an artist who loves his craft.

Influential mentors include Fritz Blank of Deux Cheminees and Manfred Bast of The Restaurant School. These mentors taught him the importance of utilizing the freshest ingredients and waking up every day with the intention of pleasing his clients.

Nick lives in Elkins Park with his wife ,Elizabeth and their two children, Nicholas and Madeline. Nick can be reached via email at